What is the method of Freeze Drying?

Freeze drying is a type of preservation that removes liquid and moisture from an object that is frozen, by using a slow vacuum process. The freeze drying will continue until all of the liquid is evaporated. Once this process is completed the pet you love so much will be with you forever....

Why not choose traditional taxidermy over Freeze Drying?

Taxidermy typically uses forms based upon an animals size and type and may not be able to meet the needs of pet preservation. Taxidermists wont usually work on pets since it is very difficult to make your pet look like your pet....Some taxidermists can supply and make custom forms, however they require a long lead-time and a higher cost is incurred.

How long does it take?

Typically 2-4 months based upon the individual pet. The positive outcome of your pet is what is most important to us at PreservedPets.com, so being rushed would not be an option, unless special arrangements have been made. This pet is going to last forever and PreservedPets.com take the utmost pride and respects the beloved pet you want to be with you always.... There are other companies that have turn around times stretching out to 10 plus months. Why would you want to wait that long. Our unique process allows us a faster turn around time while keeping the skeleton intact as other companies do. Our pets will not shrivel up over time and will back that by offering a one year warranty if they do we will re do your pet. We are the only company to offer such a warranty.

Are there only specific pets you Freeze Dry?

At PreservedPets.com, we try to work with all types pf pets, not limited to dogs and cats. We have done a variety from, rabbits, various types of birds, wide range of fish, lizards, large and small dogs and cats to name a few.We are open to any and all inquiries or ideas you many have...

What if we are not near your location?

PreservedPets.com is located in Southern California, however we work with people from all over the country. You can contact us via phone, email or direct mail to our address in Moreno Valley,Ca...We will provide you with shipping information and methods on how to prepare your pet to send to us...PreservedPets.com typically uses Fed Ex and can provide you with contact information when you are ready to ship....

How can I ship to you?

Please contact us and will will send you a shipping kit for your pet. Inside we will provide very simple instruction to follow and once the shipping kit is picked up by Fed-Ex or Ups we will keep a watch on where your pet is at all times and notify you immediately once we receive your pet. We have never lost a pet.​

What process should I follow before I send him or her to you?

Your pet must be frozen immediately, within 6-8 hours. You can usually talk with your veteranarian about this, since they can sometimes handle this for you, or suggest someone who can. Also, feel free to contact us at PreservedPets.com and we can walk you through how your pet should be handled....

Is Freeze Drying very expensive?

Typically the process of traditional taxidermy can become very costly...Freeze drying usually costs less, and is calculated based upon the size, weight, and type of your individual pet. We can also work with you on payment plans, we request that you contact PreservedPets.com for a quote.

What position will my pet be in?

PreservedPets.com requests that you include a photo of your pet when you send or bring them into us. Please include any and all details and descriptions of how you would like your pet done to insure we prepare your pet exactly as you wish....PreservedPets.com can also use your pets bed, birdstand, cage, tank, etc...Please contact our office and we can discuss all of your options....




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