We appreciate you taking the time to look into Pet Preservation, Pet Freeze Drying, some may call it Pet Taxidermy. What ever you call it you are contacting the best by contacting Preserved Pets. Here at Preserved Pets we have no set hours, pets pass at all different times of the day. When in doubt pick up the phone and give us a call or email us directly.

Preserved Pets is here to answer all your questions in regards to the entire Pet Preservation, Pet Freeze Drying process. At Preserved Pets we take pride in our ability to provide the most life like pets available anywhere. Search the web, you will see for yourself that most other Pet Preservation companies out there do not put their best effort in to the pets they do.

We have personally looked many times and they should be ashamed of how they return the freeze dried pet back to its owner.Beware of other companies that put photos of live pets on their sites just to trick you into thinking they know what they are doing. If they did they would not need the live photos.Preserved Pets has freeze dried hundreds of pets from the smallest pet mouse to the largest Newfoundland dog.

Preserved Pets does not do contract drying(mass production) nor do we farm work out. All Pet Freeze drying is done in house and attention to your pet is one at a time. We understand the pain of losing a pet at Preserved Pets we will treat you with the utmost patience and understanding during such a hard time.

Please call us toll free @ 1888 298-4434, fill out the form below or email us directly at


Click below to find out more about our rates. Everythng is tiered based on weight. There may be exceptions based on size, shape and complexity.

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Nestled in the heart of Riverside County we are located in Moreno Valley, California.  You may ship to us or drop by in person.

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Our Work

Click the link below to preview samples of work we have done.  We take pride in ensuring all the little details are promtly done. 

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